What is Carbonated Hot Water?

    FAQ on Carbonated Hot Water

    What is carbonated hot water?

    Carbonated hot water is carbon gas dissolved in warm water that gives the sensation of delicately enveloping the skin with fine carbon gas bubbles. Carbonated hot water is said to have benefits for health and beauty. In Japan as well, it has become a standard therapeutic treatment.

    What is the concentration level of carbonated hot water?

    Concentration refers to the volume of carbon gas per liter of water. For instance, soda water for drinking has a concentration of 3000ppm to 4000ppm. Water with one gram of carbon gas per liter (i.e. a concentration of 1000ppm) or greater is considered to have a high concentration and is said to be highly beneficial.

    Health and beauty benefits

    Carbonated hot water has a wide range of uses, but is particularly sought after in the beauty sector. Carbonated hot water is said to have approximately the same acidity level as human skin (pH5.0–5.5), which promotes smooth skin to maintain healthy moisture levels. What’s more, carbonated hot water helps remove dead skin and dirt from the pores, making it ideal for those who seek healthy hair.