Beauty in Softness.

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WATERCOUTURE PURE SHOWER, Soft Water Shower WS201E Your natural and beautiful shower life begins here.

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Beauty in Softness

Soft water has the ability to bring out the true beauty of your hair and skin.
If you only use a certain shampoo and conditioner, you should also be selective about your shower.
The Watercouture Soft Water Shower WS201E reduces the amount of calcium ions and magnesium ions left on your hair and skin and soften your shower water. It can also eliminate residual chlorine. The Watercouture Soft Water Shower WS201E.
Start enjoying natural and beautiful showers that only soft water can provide.

It feels terrible. My hair is unruly. It’s damaged...

90 percent of working women experience these head and scalp issues.

*Survey by Nagase Beauty Care, January 2011

Women in their 20’s or in their 40’s share the same problems.
Hair trouble can often ruin an entire day.
Hair-coloring and perms are common today.
In addition, hair is damaged by the daily use of dryers and hair irons.
Many women are not only dissatisfied with their natural hair, but they go on with their lives ignoring the condition of their hair.

Common hair care practices are:

  • ★Changing shampoos
  • ★Changing conditioners
  • ★Treatments at home
  • ★Treatments at a salon

and so on...

But is that enough?
We should consider water as a cause of hair trouble.

If you are particular about hair care,
then you should be more selective about the water you use.

You most likely use your shower normally without a second thought. But did you know that tap water has large amounts of calcium and magnesium ion? These hard minerals bond with shampoos and leave a residue that leads to stiff, brittle and rough hair.
Furthermore, shampoo cannot be lathered properly as long as these minerals remain on the surface and in your hair, which prevents deep cleansing of the pores and does not allow conditioners and treatments to be fully effective. In order to resolve these issues, it is important to reconsider the water you use.
As a leader in beauty trends, Europe has been using soft water instead of hard tap water when washing the face and hair.
We can usher in a new generation of "soft water beauties" with this cutting edge haircare product that focuses on water.

Soft water can...

  • Calcium ion content detected

    Significantly reduce calcium residue in hair!

  • Lather strength & endurance test

    Drastically improve the lasting ability of lather!

  • Hard water → Soft water

    Soft water can lather finer bubbles with shampoo which leads to easier removal of sebum from the scalp!

*Nicca Chemical, December 2015
*The above are illustrated examples

Allow fine bubbles to deep clean down to your pores and create an environment for conditioners and treatments to be more effective.

Even beauty professionals applaud the soft finish.

Kazuko Hayasaka

They are amazed how water can make such a difference.
Once you try this, you can never go back to using a regular shower.

Beauty Director /
Make-up Artist
Kazuko Hayasaka

I have always valued bath time. I even made my own bathing agents by blending natural ingredients such as organic salt, clay, baking soda, essential oils to enjoy my baths. I first noticed the difference in water quality of showers and baths when I stayed abroad. My hair and skin became dry so quickly it gave me hair and skin trouble.
After trying the soft water shower, I felt it was exactly what I was looking for. I was completely satisfied with the results as I had moist skin and manageable hair, but what surprised me even more was how it felt on my skin during the shower. I am impressed with how the water at a hot spring feels against the skin when I’m there, but now I can experience that in my own home! What a great find. I couldn’t believe that the water we use everyday could be so different. As a beauty professional, I completely overlooked the shower as an important factor.
A current beauty trend is called “yu-shan”. This means to rinse your hair without shampoo everyday in order to alleviate the stress caused to your hair and skin. And the soft water shower would be perfect for those in the yu-shan movement. In particular, the hair and skin gets rough during dry periods, between winter to spring and in the summer when the air conditioner is on. There are mornings where I skip the soap and use hot water only when washing my face. After getting the shower, I wash my face after pouring soft water into a basin, and I can feel the softness of the water the instant I put my hands inside.
I think the word “luster” is a keyword used when women describe beauty, but the visible luster of hair and skin is tied in to their inner luster. The start of a good day is when you can look into the mirror in the morning and see that your skin is smooth and balanced. On the other hand, unruly hair can dampen your day. Having a relaxing bath in the tub and a nice shower the day before can affect a woman’s inner luster. It can be so hectic during the day whether it’s work or family that women can only enjoy moments of peace in the bath. Bath time is a time to be spent on beauty and refreshing yourself. Being able to use fine water is the epitome of luxury.
Damage care after hair coloring, anti-aging care, or simply indulge yourself... The applications are endless, but I will say that once you try the shower, you will never want to go back to tap water. This I’m sure of. The foundation of beauty lies within the roots of your scalp and skin. Pay more attention to that base and take care of it every day. The soft water shower can surely assist you with this. Although hair salons and spas are great, the ability to bring about beauty on your own can greatly boost your confidence.

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Beauty director & make-up artist. After being a nurse at a university hospital, she became independent in 1999 after being a make-up assistant. Certified as the 2013 AEAJ (Aroma Environment Association of Japan) aromatherapy instructor, is currently involved in various activities such as talk shows and serving as an organic product consultant. Published in "YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL" (Kaerumu), "100% Beauty Note A to Z of Beauty by Kazuko Hayasaka" (KADOKAWA). Affiliated to W.

"Soft water beauties" on the rise after using the soft shower of Watercouture!
Users are continually voicing their satisfaction.

<Office worker, 30s> WOMEN

I can clearly feel the effects just after a few days!
<Office worker, 30s>

I knew my hair was damaged but even so it became less brittle, less rigid, gained a softer feel, is much more manageable and is moisturized.
I had only used it for a few days, but the change was crystal clear. I would love to maintain the condition of my hair, so I’ll keep using it. I would also recommend it to people with sensitive skin.

<Housewife, 40s> WOMEN

Replacing the cartridge is the groundwork for increasing my femininity.
<Housewife, 40s>

Each time I replace the cartridge it feels like my skin is rejoicing
and that I’m rewarding myself with something nice.
Similar to going to spas and nail salons, this is just the groundwork for beauty, and is a very special time as a woman. I was also thrilled to increase my femininity.

<Part-timer, 20s> WOMEN

Even my hairstylist complimented me on my hair♪
<Part-timer, 20s>

After using the soft shower, my hairstylist told me that the quality of my hair improved.
Not only does it feel better, but I was surprised that others recognized my improved hair quality.
I have bought expensive shampoos from beauty salons before, but I feel the soft shower is more effective than those products.

<Housewife, 40s> WOMEN

I was first surprised at the amount of lather.
<Housewife, 40s>

I was first surprised at the amount of lather from the shampoo. I had no knowledge or interest in hard or soft water, but this was a good opportunity to reconsider the water I normally use.
I mean if we are selective about the shampoo or soap we use, it only makes sense to be selective about the water too, right?
In the future, I would like to use this for treating my hair and skin when it gets rough.

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※These are opinions of the individual and does not indicate the effectiveness of the product.

Shower head

Be enveloped with refreshing soft water with each cartridge change.

The soft water shower head converts tap water to soft water with a built-in cartridge. The fine water spray plate releases a fine spray of soft water which maintains adequate pressure that is soft against the skin as only soft water can be.
Reward your hair and skin with 100 liters of soft water.
Revive your natural beauty every time you take a shower.

ON:Normal OFF:Temporary water-stop

The shower will temporary stop at the flick of the switch by your hand.
Because water will come out only when necessary, you can also save on water.
A total of about 100 liter of clean and pure soft water will be supplied.
Using up the cartridge each time you shower will maintain consistent water quality.

Cross-section of the Cartridge

The hardness of tap water varies by region.
For this reason, the soft water shower uses replaceable cartridges.
The filter built into the cartridge is “ion exchange resin” which reacts to the calcium and magnesium ion and serves as a catalyst to convert water into soft water, and the “calcium sulfite” functions as a filter to remove any residual chlorine in tap water.

Replacing the cartridge is very easy. Just turn the cap 30° to the left to remove the cap.
By using up the cartridge each time you shower, you can be assured of a stable supply of soft water and enjoy a comfortable shower.

Fumie Shibata

Designed by Fumie Shibata,
a major product designer in Japan.

Using a cartridge that goes inside the shower head to change the quality of water allowed us to create a highly functional shower head.
We took the reliability of a tool that could change tap water into high-performance water and gave it shape.
By curving every cross-section, we were able to create a grip that is easily held by women and does not cause too much strain.

Profile / Fumie Shibata
Active in a wide range of products centered on industrial design from electronic goods, sundries, medical equipment, hotel total design and such. Representative works include MUJI: "Body fitting sofa" / Omron: "Kenon-kun" thermometer / Capsule hotel "9h" (9 hours) / JR East Japan’s water business: "Next generation vending machine" / Knife: "Hocho Kobo Tadafusa" / Wooden toy: "Bunchi" and others. She has won numerous awards, including the Mainichi Design Award, the Good Design Gold Award, the iF Gold Award, and the Red Dot Design Award. Musashino Art University professor. Author of "Forms within Forms" (ADP)

Soft water shower is perfect for people who...

The hair of the women is constantly damaged...

Use the soft water shower for concentrated care.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Day 3
  • Day 4
  • Day 5

Use continuously for the first 5 days

Concentrate usage for the first 5 days and experience the effects of soft water.

  • Day 6
  • Day 7
  • Day 8
  • Day 9
  • Day 10
  • Day 11

After that, maintain that pristine finish by using it once every 2-3 days

A finish you have to experience for yourself.

For Hair Care
Soft water for your hair and scalp.

※Hold the soft water shower head down and let water flow out for about 2-3 seconds before use.

  • 1.Use the soft water shower to rinse off any dirt with soft water.

    Dirt on the hair and scalp should be rinsed off with a gentle water flow.
  • 2.Lather up

    Put some shampoo in your palm and whip it into a lather using soft water. Check to see how fine and firm the foam is.
  • 3.Wash hair and scalp

    Using your fingertips, shampoo your hair while massaging the scalp. Wash off any dirt using the lather gently as to not tangle up your hair.
  • 4.Rinse out foam thoroughly

    Hold the soft water shower close to your head and gently wash off the lather with ample amounts of hot water.
  • 5.Treatment & Conditioner

    After shampooing, use haircare treatment or conditioner. Use the soft water shower to rinse as well.
For Skin care
Use the soft water shower for your face and body.

※Turn the shower on face down for 2 - 3 seconds before use.

  • 1.Use the soft water shower to rinse off any dirt on your face and skin with soft water.

    The dirt on hair and scalp will be rinsed off with a soft water flow.
  • 2.Lather up

    Put some body soap in the palm of your hand or in a foaming net and whip it into a lather using soft water. Soft water with fewer minerals is less likely to leave soap scum.
  • 3.Wash face and skin

    Applying strong pressure when scrubbing may damage your skin. Wash the skin gently with ample amounts of fine lather.
  • 4.Rinse out foam thoroughly

    Hold the soft water shower close to your body and rinse the lather off using plenty of hot water.
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Shower head & Cartridge (10 pcs)

【Shower head】
◎Name / WATERCOUTURE WS201E ◎Product number / WS201E ◎Main unit size / H212 mm × W62 mm ◎Main unit weight / 212 g (310 g when filled with water) ◎Shower head material / <body> ABS, POM, PPS <gasket> EPDM, silicon <watering plate> SUS304 ◎Operating dynamic water pressure / 0.05 MPa- 0.35 MPa

◎Name / Soft water cartridge ◎Product number / WWC201E ◎Cartridge size / φ44 mm × H35.4 mm ◎Cartridge weight / 25 g ◎Set life flow rate / 8 L/min ◎Performance / soft water processing capacity 100 L (Influent hardness : 50 mg / L, Exfluent hardness : 35 mg / L or less. Evaluated by manufacture.), free residual chlorine 100 L (50% reduction / According to the Japan Water Purifier Association Standard, JWPAS J.210 “How to test water purification shower”.) ◎Operating dynamic water pressure / 0.05 MPa- 0.35 MPa ◎Filter media / ion-exchange resin, calcium sulfite , non-woven fabric

  • 1. WATERCOUTURE WS201E is for bathroom use only.
    It cannot be installed on the powder room sink.
  • 2. Please use standard tap water (warm water).
  • 3. In case of low water pressure, uses in water heater which requires high minimum working pressure or using a hot water storage heater tank, the shower head may not be usable since the water temperature is not stable.
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Cartridge (10 pcs)

◎ Name / soft water cartridge ◎Product number / WWC201E ◎Cartridge size / φ44 mm × H35.4 mm ◎Cartridge weight / 25 g ◎Set life flow rate / 8 L/min ◎Performance / soft water processing capacity 100 L (30% reduction of hardness / In case of 50 ppm of hard water, it reduces the hardness to 30 ppm.), free residual chlorine 100 L (50% reduction / According to the Japan Water Purifier Association Standard, JWPAS J.210 "How to test water purification shower”.) ◎Operating dynamic water pressure / 0.05 MPa- 0.35 MPa ◎Cartridge material / PP, PET ◎Filter media / ion -exchange resins, calcium sulfite , non-woven fabric

WATERCOUTURE, Beauty of Sprit and Body.

A new solution for water will start from Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui who has contributed to the rich lifestyle
environment through the grace of water.
WATERCOUTURE, a new brand that will nurture beauty of the mind and body with the power of water.
We will deliver the joy to be beautiful for every women every day.

WATERCOUTURE WS201E was developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui, a company you can rely on.
"Cleansui" is an advanced water filter brand that is utilized.


In 1984, “Cleansui” launched the world’s first water filter for home use, equipped with a hollow fiber membrane filter for bacteria removal.
As well as filters, we continue to develop products and services with the aim of enriching the lives of people around the world through water.
In the same way, Watercouture was developed by “Cleansui” as part of its commitment to creating new and innovative water solutions.